On repeat

In 1977, computer scientist Donald Knuth published a paper that showed songs move from complexity to repetitive dullness. 50 years later, it turns out Knuth was correct in his assumption. Pop singers are using formulas now more than ever to write their songs. And frankly, are not finding anything new to say. Instead, they are sticking to the script.

It seems the legends (and ones on the rise) use a larger vocabulary to write their songs. I don’t think that is a coincidence. But perhaps the biggest difference is each of these songwriters had the guts to say what they really wanted to say instead of catering to the masses and record companies.

The point is rock stars can also succumb to the pressures of the world and struggle to say how they really feel. It takes courage on everyone’s part to say something that will push back the status quo. To write a song that will make a difference and matters. Even though it can alienate some of their fans.

You can choose to repeat what has been said before or choose to say something important.