Improve efficiency towards what?

Work used to be measured by how much you carried in a day. The more you lifted, the harder you worked. Get a team together and you can move faster. Design a machine to create a mechanical advantage and you can be even more efficient.

In the last two hundred years, if you were more efficient than your competitor then you made more money and perhaps knocked the competition out.

But what happens when everything is cheap, instant and we could have every convenience ever imagined?

This mindset has moved into our personal lives. Become more efficient and you will make more money. Make more money you can have more time. More time to be creative. More time to spend with our loved ones. More happiness.

The question I have is why are you not doing those things now?

Because now when we have free time we’re too tired to do those things. It’s just one big giant rat race. We are working so furiously to be done and then have the emotional energy to do the things we want to do.

Flip that around. Do the things you must do for your soul. Write poetry. Sing a song. Take a jog. Do community service. And fill in your time with your job. Happiness isn’t found before you experience it. If we are not carving time to be happy, we will look up 20 years from now with regret.

Studies show 17,000 older adults in Greece saw a 10 percent drop in mortality by staying in the workforce for an extra five years. There’s purpose in the work. We just need to find it. We are missing the point of why we started on this path to begin with.