Does your story have a happy ending?

Most of us gush over fairy tales with happy endings. We are often quick to believe that our favorite sports team can pull off the big upset or the nice guy gets the girl in the end.

At the same time, we struggle to believe in the outcome of our own story. We often default to things not breaking in our favor. We call it “being realistic” or bad luck as a way to temper our expectations.

If we keep our expectations low than we can’t be disappointed. Right?

Just because we are not going to win the lottery it doesn’t mean the universe is conspiring against us. And hoping for things to be better is different from seeing the world as it currently is.

Each of us has an opportunity to build a bridge from the status quo to possibility. It starts with the belief in a world not as it is but what can be.

Imagination. Possibility. Connection. Dreaming big. It may sound like a fairy tale for someone else because we don’t imagine ourselves being the agent for change. Deep down, we know our flaws and we amplify them. Creating a narrative of insufficiency.

You can change all of that. It’s easier to imagine running a marathon once you’ve done it. Go make your ruckus. You don’t make the change until you be the change.

Narratives evolve after action. Not before.