There is a reason why adults color within the lines

As kids our computers are blank. And so we are shown which rules we need to follow. Nature teaches us not to touch the stove if we choose to ignore the wisdom of our care takers.

Then we go to school. Mass indoctrination and mass instruction. Follow the rules, be compliant and some day you will be rewarded for this behavior.

At some point, we forget to be curious. We forget how to explore the edges. Perhaps, the problem of this generation is that we are still waiting to be told what to do next. Just like school. We don’t pick projects, we are given them. Which is why it is so difficult to get someone to break their status quo. We have not developed the kind of culture that encourages us to reach for the stars. We just like talking about the few who do. We tell ourselves “someday” that will be me.

Art and joy and happiness isn’t going to be found on Netflix or on a Tweet. It isn’t going to be handed down from the boss. It comes from throwing away the useless map we have been seduced to believe will bring us the purpose we are seeking.