When it hits close to home

On October 2, 1985, Rock Hudson died from AIDS-related illness. Hudson was one of the most popular actors of his generation. His death stunned the masses.

That same very day, Congress allocated $190 million for AIDS research.

We don’t change our behavior through statistics. We change it when someone we know has been effected.

Climate change is easy to ignore when you don’t live on the coast. It’s even easy to dismiss that the smoke that fills our valleys are a California problem. But if you have a child with asthma, now it becomes a mission.

Masks wearing is to protect those around you. And if you have had a family member die from COVID-19, it is much easier to tell yourself a story that you don’t want someone else to go through what you did.

Statistics amplify a story we are already telling ourselves. We are not compelled to alter our behavior unless the story changes.