If I buy a NBA jersey online from China that is identical to the Official NBA jersey, is there a difference?

Since authentic, the way most people define it, would be a game worn LeBron James jersey–everything else feels like a knock off. So, we search for the next closest thing.

But there’s still an expectation. When I sit down at Olive Garden and order egg plant parmesan, I expect egg plant parmesan to come to the table. Even if the chef in that moment felt like making enchiladas instead. That is what professionals do. They show up to do their work regardless of how they feel.

Authenticity is overrated. What we want is consistency about a story we tell ourself about what is authentic. What rhymes with the experience I am searching for?

Thank goodness a heart surgeon just doesn’t decide on the fly to try a new technique on a patient when their chest is wide open. I am grateful that when I have a clogged drain, the plumber doesn’t suspend 100 years of best practice just because they didn’t feel like unclogging the same way they did yesterday.

Just show up. We want the professional you.