Best laid plans

We wake up with a plan and then we go about our day following through. On a good day at least. And then something happens, we alter the plan, then continue.

Couple thoughts on this mindlessness we fall prey to:

We live out our day based on a few decisions.

Where I work eats up at least 40 hours of our lives every week. It potentially adds a commute (let’s just say hour and half each day). Your salary dictates where you live. Which effects where you kids go to school, where you recreate, how you exercise, how much debt you accumulate to keep up with the Jones’, who your neighbors are, what city you live in, who you vote for…and on and on.

But then a pandemic comes along. Smashing our best laid plans.

The alternative to making plans is to set commitments. Commit to a practice. And in 20 years, you have a large body of work. Despite a terrorist attack, a housing crisis, a recession or a pandemic.

The decisions we make send us on a path that we follow. Be careful which path you choose. And understand that even with the best intentions, life can come in with a hammer and smash them up. Often.

Pivot, pivot, pivot. Like paddling a river, you’re forced to keep making course corrections. Count on it. When one emergency ends, another begins.