Opinionated doesn’t necessarily mean informed

The internet has given people a chance to have a microphone. It’s magical moment in time to give a voice to the voiceless. But there is a lot of cruft you have to sort through. Because while everyone has an opinion not everyone is informed.

That gap is causing a greater divide between people more than ever before. As we sort ourselves into people like us, we also create outsiders.

“How can anyone think like that?”

Well, they are not seeing what you are seeing and you are not seeing what they are seeing. The dark patterns of the internet continue and don’t appear to be slowing down. So, let’s be clear…

Our opinions aren’t facts. A quick Google search is available to amplify a story we are already telling ourselves about the world around us. If you haven’t changed your mind on something in a while, how do you know the axiom you started with is the right one?


With every point of view and with every point of reference there is a counter with what we don’t know and what we can’t discover.

These are the blind spots that plague us as humans. And as William Goldman has said, “Nobody knows anything.”