Decision making

We need to be better about separating decision making from the outcomes.

You can still make a good decision and have a bad outcome. The opposite can be true too.

In the US, 99% of those dying from COVID-19 have not been vaccinated. Out of the 331,000,000 vaccines administered, three deaths have been attributed to vaccine complications.

If we were to play Russian Roulette with these numbers there is no doubt you play the vaccine line.

There is no debate about mortality rates about COVID and vaccines.

So, why are there people still hesitating to get a vaccine?

The biggest one I hear is: “My neighbor got the vaccine but they still got COVID.”

The COVID vaccine is only 95% effective and that leaves a 5% chance of still getting it. Good decision to get a vaccine, just a bad outcome.

It isn’t full proof. But it very well could save your life.

Get a vaccine and tell others to do the same.