Who’s judging your work?

Only you have seen every blog post, listened to every demo, written every email…

You’ve seen all the good and all the bad. The unexpected and surprising.

Because we know our weaknesses and insecurities, the Resistance shows up to point out everyone else’s work. All of the 5-star reviews, the stuff that went viral, the likes on Facebook, the New York Time’s Best Sellers…

And we are left looking at our work that falls short to the measuring stick of popularity.

It’s easy to compare our worst with everyone else’s best. And it’s easy to feed the narrative of, “I’m not good enough.”

If your work is good enough to resonate with at least one person, chances are it can change others.

Remember, Leonard Cohen was a failed writer before he started his music career at 33. Starting always feel like we are behind. Popularity isn’t necessarily a signal if the work is good.