Assessing risk

I do a large amount of backcountry skiing. And for many, that is way out of the comfort zone of what is an acceptable risk.

For me, watching someone free solo or free base, that just seems crazy.

It turns out, risk tolerance is different for each of us. There is a clear difference between comfort zones and growing zones and how willing each of us are willing to dance with the fear that is associated with taking risks.

We can’t eliminate all the risk. Sometimes we can manage it. But life is hazardous. It’s a dangerous world. So much is trying to kill us. At the same time, no one wants to live in a bubble.

When is the last time you tried taking a chance?

We often associate courage with capes, badges or guns. But there is courage in standing up for what is right or speaking for those without a voice. Or perhaps, sharing your best work to the world. Maybe that is what we are missing. Emotional courage.

2020 has made us very cautious. We have forgotten what it is like to take a risk. How are we to start living again? Especially since the pandemic is still happening.