Sticky ideas

On Twitter, fake news travels six times faster than the truth.

People don’t have to prove something to be true with data or evidence but rather create enough confusion around a subject that makes it difficult for others to understand.

There’s no friction when your friends post misinformation about the COVID vaccines. All you need to do is to click the like button or share for the meme to spread. Much more difficult to verify. Much more difficult to voice your concerns amongst your peers.

There has not been one single reported death because of the COVID-19 vaccine. Not one out of the 268 million doses administered. On the other hand, COVID-19 has killed over 585,000 people at the time of this post. And yet, because of the misinformation that spreads it causes many of us to hesitate. To blink.

Let’s be clear, misinformation is far more dangerous than bold face lies. Having threads of truth intertwined with fiction makes a compelling story for people to tell and to stick.