The quest for truth

When is the last time you challenged a deeply held belief you have?

We are so sure of ourselves that what we have practiced and what we have been taught is the correct way to live.

When we choose a lens to see the world, we are filtering data. Cherry picking what we see to reaffirm our beliefs.

Not often do we go back and question what we believe is true. Overtime, we create a story in how we see the world, ignoring the other narratives.

Was the source of our knowledge correct? What if they were wrong? Sure, each of our belief systems have some form of truth to them. The most powerful narratives always do. It certainly not the whole picture though.

Why do I believe what I believe?

That is a fundamental question for exploration.

When we open ourselves to other possibilities, are humble in admitting we are wrong–a whole bunch of things open up.

Truth can be a painful lesson. It is also our responsibility to seek it.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the state of our mental health with the work we do. And I often think that the source of bitterness is the unresolved tension of what a deeply held world view creates when it is inconsistent from what we actually know.

The little voice in my head is often reminding me: “I don’t want to question or scratch the surface of that one thing because it is too close to my identity of who I am. Are you with us or against us?”