Leverage is the ability to amplify input force to create a greater output force.

If you can make something mechanically easier to move, by all means do it.

If you can make more money by borrowing some, you probably should.

Where we get in trouble is when we begin to leverage people and relationships. What do we hope to achieve with this selfish behavior?

Is that promotion really worth it? Can your integrety be bought so easily?

Does getting into a famous college really justify the means?

Why do we believe a large quarterly return can justify paying others so little?

In the end, the golden rule prevails. No one wants to be used this way. Yet, our entire economy hinges on leveraging the skill, sweat and labor of the bottom to raise the ceiling.

Generosity is what scales. Becoming better at giving credit instead of taking it, admitting mistakes instead of denying, finding strengths instead of faults in others…you’ll be a more attractive person to be around.

Ironically, the better your network, the less you’ll feel like you need to leverage to get ahead.

We must not forget that the way our brain has trained us to find happiness is to compare ourselves to others.

Think about it.