It’s easy to stand out when everyone in the group looks the same

If everyone isn’t wearing a hat, you can put one on. Everyone wearing closed toed shoes in a foot of snow, you can wear flip flops.

But it is much more difficult to defend ideas that are different from the norm. To march to the beat of your own drum and to defend that position takes guts. It requires us to stand out. To be in the spotlight.

It isn’t popular but it’s important. The only way we inspire change is to tell stories and to shine a light of injustice. People are capable of becoming complicit to horrible things. And they are also capable of so much more.

Those in power are in fear of losing it. When we raise the floor, however, we all benefit.

Einstein barely escaped the clutches of the Nazis before coming to the US. What a tragedy if he never got to put his stamp on the world. Who never rose to contribute because of 250 years of slavery?