Going downhill

So here is the basics of going downhill on cross-country skis.

Feet shoulder with apart, skis pointed down (like french fries), bend the knees, engage the hips, butt out, poles behind you, and most importantly, your nose needs to be over your toes.

And when students fall it is because of the last part. They shift their weight back, begin to stand upright, then start riding in the back seat. As a result, they end up falling like they just slipped on a banana peel.

There is a moment when you go from feeling in control to out of control and you have to make a choice. The choice is, Are you going to lean into this tension or are you going to shy away from it?

That feeling of uncertainty is amplified the more we don’t feel in control.

This might work. This might not work. But your chance of success might depend on how long you can lean into this uncomfortable moment.

Learning to lean in.