Creative poverty line

When our needs are not met, we have to focus on making them.

Which means when you lack access to say clean drinking water, someone from the village has to go fetch it. Typically, that is a young women. And since you have to say Yes to this, you have to say No to something else. Like school.

When we raise the floor, we are also welcoming in more people to be creative and inventive. Which in turn raises the ceiling.

It is estimated that 1.8 billion people don’t have access to adequate sanitation and 800 million still lack clean drinking water. For point of reference, 5 billion people have access to cell phones.

Capitalism is a miracle. But I do find it astounding that we haven’t solved something as essential as water after centuries of work. Yet, cell phones, something that has been barely around these last 40 years, are being distributed at a fanatic rate.

I suspect everyone will have a cell phone in their hand before we solve the water problem. The good news is, I do believe we will solve the water problem in my lifetime.