The voice in our head

The voice in our head is strong. We’re excited to go to an event and now we’re stuck on the escalator.

That feeling is tension. Tension isn’t easy to push away. Especially, when we are waiting for others.

And yet, tension is so powerful it changes how we feel about the event. We worry that we are not going to make it. The whole day is now ruined. The world is going to come down crashing.

Despite the best efforts of the rational part of our brain, it is slow to react. The irrational part doesn’t know that this temporary delay is that–temporary.

The voice in our head has and continues to keep us alive. It’s what we count on to swerve out the way when a car cuts us off. It also betrays us.

The lizard brain is this: Perfect as a tool to help us react but never to bargain with.