Sometimes bad things happen to good people

I am saddened to hear that world renowned piano player, Keith Jarrett, won’t be able to play in concert anymore after suffering from two strokes.

After 50 years of playing in concerts all over the world (and producing the greatest selling piano album of all time), Keith is going through every piano players worst nightmare of not having the use of his left hand.

So, what’s next for the piano player who can’t play anymore?

I don’t know. I can’t imagine the blow this is. But Keith isn’t just a piano player. He is an artist. And when an artist can’t pick up her pen anymore, she tells her story in a new way. The medium doesn’t matter. He has more to say and the story is not over.

And neither is any of yours for that matter. Despite the blows that may come. The bad things that happen, they may change us but it doesn’t have to define us.