The limit

When looking in the mirror, what do you see?

For most, it is limits.

The limits of how we look, how we act, but more importantly, the limits on what we can accomplish.

And when we dare to push those limits, specifically with something we haven’t done before, we are surprised to discover that inside there was another gear, a switch, we didn’t know existed.

So, the problem isn’t physical. We can push past discomfort in the short run to go further.

The problem is we our internal narrative. The voice in our head that puts a barrier on what we can accomplish. The voice that sets expectations, a glass ceiling. The voice that insulates ourselves. The Resistance that keeps us from being who it is we were born to be.

We can’t break the laws of gravity. It’s the law. But we can certainly break the dark patterns of our internal narrative. That limit is set but not in stone.

The question is: Why not you? When are you going to pick yourself?

You are good enough.