High ticket items

It’s easy to convince someone to buy a meal for five dollars. After all, we have to eat and five dollars isn’t going to break the bank.

Much more difficult to sell a high ticket item because of the story we tell.

Is this solution really going to solve my problem?

With Pivot Adventure, we run into this all the time.

Parents are asking themselves, “Is this the best use of my $1,500? Is this really going to help my kid?”

Students that participate in our course show an increase of connectedness, happiness, perseverance, optimism and engagement.

The truth is, there are no secrets on what we do. All the books have been written on these subjects, all the information is right at your fingertips.

So, why is it worth it?

Because without help or guidance, it can take years to collate the information we have put together to get these results. We have carefully curated 100 books to design this class. (To put that in perspective, the average person only reads one book per year after school.)