Us and them language

Illegal aliens is a terms that is quickly going out of style because we are dehumanizing a segment of the population.

China Flu was never in fashion.

We are realizing even terms like convict have damage.

We can go on.

All labels are a human invention. If one is not working, we can drop it and pick up a new one.

There is a reason why the first person to break the four-minute mile took a century and the second person only a month.

It turns out, that people live to the expectations others have of them–the labels they are given. Because of the story we tell ourselves. Labels set the limits and can also break the impossible.

The type of language we use to build the culture, it matters. More than we realize.

We are not living in a PC culture, we are just realizing that we can be better about the words we choose, how we lump groups of people together.