As the stakes raise

The west is on fire.

Reacting to this tragedy has had a terrible cost in suffering, loss of life and dollars.

We are now living with the consequences of decisions made 40 years ago.

And now, the window continues to close, we must act.

The cost of making decisions back then were much lower. There was time to change the course. Today, we don’t have that kind of luxury.

It is much more difficult to pass something like the Green New Deal today then it was back then. Partisan politics are the worst they’ve ever been.

Here’s the thing…

We take less risks as the stakes are raised because the cost of making a mistake is much higher.

Ironically, that may be why we’re stuck. Over and over again, we’ve taken the safe, predictable road. A posture of, “Not my problem.”

Take risks early. The cost of failure early on is much cheaper at the beginning.

The cost of being wrong is too high now.