Happiness advantage

What can we say about 2020?

This has been a year for the books and it continues to wear on each of us. Some worst than others.

The thing is…

We all want to be happy. Yet, many of us are not. Even in the safest, richest world we could ever imagine, we have more unhappy than ever. And yes, circumstances have made it even more difficult to be optimistic about tomorrow.

We know happiness can’t be bought or controlled. It can’t be won with status or by gaining power over others.

The pursuit of happiness isn’t about trying to control the outside forces and make them work in our favor but rather how how we interpret them.

It is a condition that we can cultivate. A posture we can adopt. When we can win the inner battle, control the narrative then we will improve our quality of life.

Peace follows. And I can’t think of way to bring more happiness than that.