Sport and adventure

There is a clear line here.

If you are sport climbing at your local crag, you are not wondering if you are going to make it down this alive.

If you were to climb the K2 in the middle of winter, life is in the balance.

You can do things for sport that can require a large demonstration of athleticism. But it may not be an adventure.

An adventure may mean hiking out in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service and now the weather is coming in.

One problem we have in our culture today is our lack of adventure. We don’t throw ourselves into circumstances like this regularly anymore. Our world has become very tame.

And yet, COVID-19 has thrown everyone in for a loop. There might be room for an adventure if you are looking for it.

(Of course, I am not just talking about climbing. You can also write a book or start a new career, learn a new skill…lots of room here.)

Note: The internet and Google have taken much of the adventure out of things.