Set an alarm

Working from home has been a huge adjustment for many of us this year.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are able to pick their own hours is that they don’t set an alarm on what time they need to get up.

No alarm means you will stay up later.

No alarm means there’s no guarantee when you will be up.

No alarm means theres no urgency to finish a project.

No alarm means you are letting the day come to you.

It hard to be productive all the time. You can’t sprint forever. But establishing a practice and building a routine around it maybe your single best asset you have to being more productive then the rest.

Important to note: Your ability to be productive and to make difficult decisions decreases as the day goes on.

Value your time in the morning as the sun comes up and the kids are still in bed. This is the time to build your cathedrals.