Training to see the world as it really is

Our brains have evolved to be afraid.

When we hear a stick break in the bush, our brain assumes there must be a sabertooth tiger out to get us.

Of course, in our modern, industrialized world, we don’t have to be afraid of sabertooth tigers anymore.

Yet, our brains can’t make the distinction when we are inundated with negative media.

We assume and believe that the world must be going in the wrong direction. That it is worst today than it was yesterday.

That isn’t true though. Every category whether we are talking mortality rate in children, education, clean water, sanitation, antibiotics and medicine, rates of poverty, wealth, wellness…every category has improved for us as a species.

The rate of growth isn’t linear either unlike what we have seen in human history up to this point. The rate is exponential. So fast, that our brains are missing it. And because of the dark matter of the web, we are training ourselves to focus on the negative while ignoring reality.

The world is the safest it has ever been.

When we step outside the box and see, the world is an abundant place. There is enough. We are not there yet. We have a far way to go to get the other 3.5 billion caught up to what many in the first world have, but every day we are a step closer to bending the curve towards equality.