Don Quixote, the second-best-selling book of all time, has sold over 500 million copies.

After that, you have A Tale of Two Cities with 200 million copies and The Lord of the Rings with 150 million.

And if you were to look at their Amazon reviews you will still find one-star reviews.

The best selling books of all time and people still find a way to hate them.

Does that mean Cervantes, Dickens or Tolkein should not have written the books because someone wasn’t going to like it? Does it mean they should have waited to publish it until they made it perfect for everyone who reads it?

Of course not.

Perfection is a place to hide. Don’t fall into the trap of making things perfect for everyone.

If you make it for everyone, you make it for no one.

Even if you are fortunate enough to write a best-seller, most people won’t read it and many won’t like it.

[It is estimated that there have been 5 billion copies of The Bible that have been produced. And yet, there are many people who still don’t like it either.]