Art is work

Not the work of compliance. Not the work of digging the ditch we are told to dig.

Art is the work of generosity. Making something that doesn’t exist for people that might even know that they want it.

Art is seeing people with empathy, finding a pain point and resolving that tension.

There is no map, no step-by-step set of instructions to follow. Art is going to places that others are afraid to go.

Art is the emotional work of putting yourself out there. To be seen. To be heard. And yes, it is the work of setting the stage—the impresario who receives no credit.

Art is throwing the ball in the air and hoping someone will catch it. It takes time for others to see what you do and want to participate. As an artist, we must understand that most people are going to keep walking by.

But for the few, we are here to put in the work and change you for the better.