Things will be different

It turns out, we are much better at accepting, “Things will be shut down for the next 3 months.”

What we are not so good at is saying, “Things will be shut down for the unforeseeable future.”

That uncertainty brings so much unresolved tension. It’s the same kind of tension as we wait in the lobby for an interview. The same tension that comes while we wait for a doctor to reveal test results.

We build our lives around clarity, order, predictability. When that is thrown out the window and we don’t know when it will return, it’s really difficult for human beings to process.

We want to know when these uncomfortable feelings are going to end. With no end in sight, our brains and narrative will have us believe this must be forever—the new normal.

The truth is, this tension won’t last forever. The sooner that we can accept things as they really are, the sooner we will find peace in these uncertain times.