2,000+ years later

During the Bronze and Iron Age, human life expectancy at birth was just 26 years.

Fast forward to today and the LEB is 67 years.

That is a miracle.

How did we accomplish this?

Slowly. Overtime with technology, modern medicine, improved access to education, raising the standards of living, better sanitation (and so much more) we were then able to solve problems of high infant mortality, epidemics, plagues, wars, and childbirth.

By simply being born in the modern era, you have been gifted more time than anyone that has come before us.

67 years times 365 days comes out to 24,455 days. Let’s round-up.

You have 25,000 days to do something with your life. No matter how many days left, every day is a chance to turn it all around and make something great.