Requiring seatbelts used to be controversial

Car manufacturers lobbied hard to keep Americans from using their seat belts.


Because most people believed they would never get in an accident and the manufacturers didn’t want to draw attention to how dangerous it was to drive.

The mentality was, “That will never happen to me.”

Of course, that isn’t how statistics work. Statistics don’t care if you are a “good person” or if you’re having a rough day.

The thing is, you can never eliminate risk but we can mitigate it.

The seat belt has undoubtedly done this and has saved countless lives.

Yet, many loud and outspoken critics at the time said it was infringing on their liberties.

The same is now being said about wearing a mask.

In time, wearing a mask will show a reduction in the spread of COVID-19 and ultimately save lives.

Wear a mask and thank those around you who do too.

Stay safe.