A trillion burgers sold

It is estimated that every second 75 McDonald’s hamburgers are sold.

You can get an idea of how enormous that is by clicking on a burger counter here.

Since 1994, McDonald’s quit posting how many burgers sold. Why? Because they were moving so fast, they missed the 100 billion mark.

Today, it is estimated they have sold over 400 billion hamburgers.

Someday soon it will be a trillion.

The question is, do we want to live in a world where someone could serve a trillion burgers? At what cost?

To be clear, selling a trillion of anything is a miracle. It is a miracle that we can be talking about producing and distributing 7 billion COVID-19 vaccines.  That is what the industrial revolution has done.


We know the problems and challenges we face. The environmental tolls for shipping across the world. Supply chains going haywire these last few months. (The US while facing a shortage in masks were still shipping them to other countries in March.)

It’s a tug-o-war that shall continue: How do we grow from here? Because the current way we measure won’t continue to work in the future.