Historic moment

Everything changed after the WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. That is what historic moments do. Life was happening one way and is now shifted on a different trajectory.

Here’s the thing, historic moments make historic people.

Like Dr. Li Wenliang who sounded the alarm early about COVID-19 and then not much later died from the virus. And now you have scientists working around the clock for developing a vaccine. A vaccine that no one was interested in producing just a few months ago.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as revolutionary people because we are not part of the Renaissance. But in a roundabout way, this is what is going on here. We are at the start of a revolution in the way we work, the way we go to school, the way we interact with other people—nothing will be the same.

While COVID-19 has clearly closed a lot of doors, there is a smaller one that is opening. One where a few can go through who are looking to make a difference. But we have to be clear here, you don’t have to develop the next Salk Vaccine to make a difference. You can still choose to walk through this door and help those around you in a big way.

Later we will look back and say, “Where were you when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic?” What we should be asking is How did you contribute during this moment?

How will you be remembered?