Shifting gears

Before COVID-19, there were plenty of folks making noise about a digital revolution. Sadly, working from home was just too much responsibility to give to the masses.

And then, all of a sudden, the pandemic forces us to work from home. In a matter of weeks, all of a sudden we are doing it.

For many, it has created more time and opportunities when you start factoring in things like a commute.

While what we do during this downtime is what ultimately defines us, it is also important to remember to not beat ourselves up for not being in go mode all the time.

You can’t sprint forever. No matter how much you try.

Instead of beating ourselves up, learn how to shift gears. Know when to sprint and when to slow down. When you need to perform and when you need to prepare.

Your speed is a choice. No need for guilt or shame behind the decisions you make. Moving slow is not weakness.

Be deliberate.