One step further

When is the last time a tweet changed our minds?

They don’t. Which is why social media activism is not action.

It’s the first step is sending a signal to others about what team you are cheering for. Perhaps, it can help you find the others who feel the same way you do.

Real action, however, looks like:

Pulling out your wallet and making a monthly donation.

Organizing a speaking event or rally.

Attending a non-violent protest.

See something, say something.

Holding the space to have a difficult conversation.

Calling a legislator.


Reading a book on the history of the subject.

Starting a non-profit.

Be compassionate to non-compassionate people.

Show up week after week.

Action is when you’re willing to take it one step further past your comfort zone. Because it isn’t about your comfort right now. It is about someone else’s.