Forward motion

No organization can move people better from Point A to Point B than Disneyland.

That’s the beauty of scientific management. You can identify the bottlenecks and work to resolve them (i.e. posting wait times and using Fast Passes).

With that, there is a reason that when you stand in line for Splash Mountain that you are never standing still for too long before you get moving again.

That is a placebo.

Even if I am still an hour away but I am moving toward something I can tell myself that I am getting closer. It changes the narrative. I can’t say that I am stuck.

Long arcs with slow progress still need a feeling of forward motion to help make the journey bearable.

It’s too hard to quit smoking if you don’t have a calendar to check off. Too difficult to run an Ultra without counting steps. And, of course, we are not just talking about smoking or running.

Find something that keeps you moving towards the goal.