Finding our place in the world

I don’t think there are people that actually hate the world. They hate their place in it.

The world is so vast that it is difficult to sift through and somewhere to mark your mark.

The problem though isn’t a lack of choices here but the fact there are too many. It’s paralyzing, frightening to hold that much responsibility. To set the compass and to go explore.

We are quite happy to sit at home and give this away. Because if it doesn’t work then we have an excuse—someone else to blame for our problems. Whereas when we choose we can now blame ourselves.

Except, that isn’t completely true either. We can also simply try again if the course we picked didn’t work. We can skip the blame and shame and just try again.

Even in the age of a global pandemic and threat of financial meltdown, you have more choices (and yes opportunity) to go do work that matters.

Try again. Today.