I know she can’t but she believed she could

When pushing my 3-year-old on a bike without training wheels, she asked for me to quit holding her.

As I let go, she would fall over. So, I picked her up and we start again until she says again let go.

This time, however, I tell her I can’t until she learns to ride by herself. Quickly, she lost interest and went for the scooter.

Couple things:

1. There is a separation of what we believe and our abilities.

2. Despite this challenge, we don’t need someone over our shoulder reinforcing what we can’t do (yet).

3. Yet is important here. Perhaps today, we can’t ride a bike. But that isn’t forever. Tomorrow is another opportunity.

Lesson learned: I should of let her keep falling and keep trying. Squashing believes only leads us down a road of what we believe are safe choices.