Harvard Endowment

It is widely reported that Harvard will receive millions of dollars in federal aid due to the Coronavirus. (And is now possibly told to give it back.)

The problem is that Harvard has a 40 billion dollar endowment. And it isn’t just Harvard but companies like Amazon and even Shake Shack are now under scrutiny.

We have to understand that money is a story. And it is a way for some people, a lot of people, to keep score. The problem is, there is never enough money unless…

The story you tell yourself is one of sufficiency. “I have enough” is not something we hear in our culture very often. Because there is always one more thing we could have.

The digital bits on our screen is a reflection of the number of dollars we have acquired, not whether we have had success. That number can keep going higher and higher forever.

So, pick a number and be happy with it.

There is no difference between 100 billion and 124 billion except the narrative that surrounds it.