The high dive

It’s much easier to make your decision to take a leap on the ground in a safe location. If you are still undecided while standing on the edge, you are not setting yourself for success. The trick then is to decide before you climb the ladder.

Once we commit to the chaos of risk, we must then focus on the journey, not the destination. Because wishing to be back on the ground in the safe zone or for it to be over is a waste of energy.

In these stressful moments though, this is the opportunity to learn something new.

The difference between a high dive and COVID-19, however, is that we didn’t choose to be here. Yet, here we are standing on the edge of something terrifying and also an opportunity for something new. Most of us are still learning how we can respond. We are contemplating, having trouble letting go of what used to be.

Remember: There is no comfort in growing zones and no growing in comfort zones. We are now in a growing zone. Act accordingly.