Samuel Pierpont Langley was commissioned by the government to develop the first airplane. He had all the financial backing and press anyone could ever want to create a new invention.

And despite all those resources, it still didn’t work.

Here’s the thing:

Without restraints, we don’t know how to define a story

Restraints help us find the guardrails. And without guardrails, we just have a difficult time picking a place to begin. 

That’s because the world is full of choices. An infinite amount of combinations.

Yet, despite what critics might say, two brothers from Dayton still found a way to do the impossible without all the resources at their disposal.

Even during a global pandemic and global recession looming, now is as good as time as any to launch your next project. Let the critics keep underestimating whatever it is you can do and don’t let a few closed doors keep you down.