Do you have 30 years of experience or 1 year of experience repeated 30 times?

It’s impossible to move a fully grown Redwood. But it is much easier to manipulate a sampling.

We can’t assume that people automatically get wiser with age. People can get wiser. For sure.


As we get older, for many, the more we stay the same. That is why it is so difficult to change our minds the older we get. We would have to admit that we have been wrong this whole time.

It’s not about right or wrong or fault-finding but rather, “Knowing what I know now.”

“Knowing what I know now about how the meat industry affects the climate, I am going to eat like a vegan.”

“Knowing what I know now how pornography contributes to human exploitation, I am going to quit watching it.”

“Knowing what I know now…” that’s really the key to change. We are either evolving or we are hiding.