Jim Collins tells a great story about Admiral Jim Stockdale and how he survived being captured and tortured 20+ times.

In Stockdale’s words, the ones who didn’t survive captivity were “the optimist”.

The optimist believed that they were going to be rescued by Christmas. And when they weren’t they died from heartbreak.

It appears that social distancing is working (at least here in Utah).

And it’s tempting to say, we need to reopen up restaurants, go back to work, go back to church, see a movie…go back to normal. Some will even argue that our liberties are at stake and that we have to take risks.

Here’s the truth: We are not going to be returning to any sense of normal until we have a vaccine.

When we have enough PPE for healthcare professionals, enough ICU beds, enough ventilators, and we have a high volume test and trace program in place THEN it’s time to talk about how we can start opening some things back up.

Until then focus on the milestones and not the date.