Our Rock Hudson moment

Rock Hudson played a pivotal role in bringing the AIDS epidemic into the spotlight. Before that time, Congress really had not taken the epidemic seriously. It wasn’t until rumors began to surface that Rock Hudson wasn’t actually sick from liver cancer, that his long time friend Ronald Regan called to see what was going on. Not long after, Rock Hudson died Congress allocated $190 million dollars for AIDS research (October 2, 1985). The amazing thing is, and I am not making this up, AIDS had been around for 5 years before Rock Hudson died.

It’s easier to change behavior when we know someone we care about is in danger. Otherwise, they are just another statistic.

Fast forward to today:

On March 6th, Governor Herbert announces a state of emergency. Utahn’s then raid the grocery stores (subsequently lead the nation in panic buying).  By March 11, Rudy Gobert was diagnosed with Covid-19 and the NBA shuts down. I think Rudy Govert was a tipping point where people in Utah were not onboard up to that point started to get stressed.


I’m still not seeing people taking social distancing seriously. Why? Because it’s difficult to sustain a change in behavior. Indeed, human beings are great at misbehaving because with our narrative, we can justify anything.

The thing is, there is no cure for Novel (New) Coronavirus. Social distancing is the best mode of prevention and protection. It works to flatten curve so that we don’t overrun hospitals.

So, here’s the question: Are you going to wait around for a Rock Hudson moment before you change or are you going to act now?

HT The Daily – Confronting a Pandemic