Have enough to start

Bertha Benz didn’t have permission to take the Motorwagon on the first long-distance road trip in history.

(Plus, it was illegal to drive in Germany back in 1888.)

There were no gas stations, she had to stop at local Pharmacies to get the petroleum products needed.

Her vehicle fell apart often and had to find ways to get it repaired. Again, there were no repair shops back then.

She didn’t have authority, but she went ahead and did it anyway.

That kind of bravery is what artists do. They know what they are about to do might not work but they step into the unknown anyway.

Look, chances are you know what you need to do next but it scares the hell out of you. The challenge isn’t going to be completely mapped for you. Ever.

May I suggest then, have enough to start and then see what happens.

There are sure to be hazards on our journey. It wouldn’t a hero’s journey without them. (Note: Luke Skywalker needed the Darth Vader and the Death Star to become Luke Skywalker.)