Linchpins are old too

“When you’re 60, you’re old. When you’re 70, you’re old. When you’re 80, you’re old. When you’re 90, you’re old. When are you old? I don’t know. At some point in time, I began to take seriously that I wasn’t going to be here. And I couldn’t sell the company.” – Bob Moore

That is an artist. Right there. As one of the largest natural food exporters in the world, Bob could have sold the company for an obscene amount of money. But he didn’t.

Because in the end, would it had mattered?

Did it matter to have another zero in the bank account?

He chose to share this journey with others who also believed in the mission. To provide good food for people. And that is why he will be remembered. Because he chose to be generous with his work. He shared it. We benefited. And now his legacy gets to continue since he gave the company away to his team.

That’s what Linchpins do.