Fear spreads fast

When people are asked what they need. In general, they will respond to what they face every day.

But what if we are facing something new?

Pandemics are not a new thing in terms of human history. But they may be new to us specifically. After all, it’s possible (I repeat possible but not likely) to have lived through the 1918 Spanish Flu and never heard about it.

Today, you can’t turn on your phone without hearing about COVID-19 which means it is much easier to spread misinformation and to amplify our fears than ever before.

Here is an excellent post from A Learning A Day on the subject. Reading the hard numbers is better than seeing another case popping up in your feed. 

Cultivation theory is very real and the social media world is going to show it’s nasty head over the next several months. It’s also worth reminding everyone: Still, be prepared. Perhaps, the US will shut down for a couple weeks. Are you ready for that? The unknown is what terrifies us. But if you are reading this, chances are you are much more likely to be killed driving to work today.