Measuring from this close

Without Googling, can you name who finished first place in the 2016 Men’s 100 Meter Dash?

If you guessed, Usain Bolt, you would be correct.

But can you guess second place?

Answer: Justin Gaitlin

The gap between these two competitors was eight-tenths of a second. Eight-tenths!

All that training, all the years of sacrafice and hours spent just to lose by less than a second. It’s heartbreaking.

The fact is, when we are pushing limits, measurements come in millimeters, in tenths of a second. (Difficult to see improvement day in and day out because of this.)

It takes a lot of time to improve what we are already good at. Especially when we are talking about the best in the world.

On the areas where we struggle though? There is a lot of room available.

We get to choose what we want to improve but it is worth noting: Becoming well-rounded is easy. Becoming highly specialized is very difficult.

There aren’t many that choose to take difficult paths.