Which pattern are you interrupting?

We get so caught up in the day-to-day grind, focus so much of our time and resources into putting out fires, that overtime, it becomes a regular pattern.

Comfortable with the uncomfortable:

“I can’t possibly go to the gym. I’m too tired in the mornings.”

“I can’t quit right now. That’s too risky in this economy.”

Small decisions that turn into a habit. Habits turn into patterns.

We dip our toe into the waters of change and are surprised to discover that the water is actually cold. Of course, the water is cold! That’s what makes it so hard to dive in.

We retreat back to our old ways.

So, the real question to ask if you are serious about changing things is deciding which patterns are you willing to interrupt for a while?

Are you willing to give up marshmallows?

And if you are seeking to change a part of the culture, how can you help others do the same?